Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

It has not happened since the Beta to 17…

This has happened to me randomly over the past year… nothing ever consistent.

So, no, nothing to report on the beta.

Today so far twice off, I will continue to test. If it goes off again I will plug it in without a load and see if that affects it.

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are yours plug in modules? Mine are all in wall switches.
My plugs in are GE outdoors modules and Leviton plug ins.

The one in question is the Z-Wave Plus Dragon Tec, my others are IRIS and iHome. I also have one WeMo which I don’t depend on and I ordered a Leviton today. My IRIS are very dependable as well as the iHome. I just wish SmartThings would update the drivers so the iPS 8 would show the power in ST. Now I have to use the ihome app.

None of my GE switches are zWave +

I have to keep rebooting my hub. My ZigBee is non functional and listed as non functional in the IDE. After rebooting about 6-7 times it finally works for about 8 hours and then craps out again. The IDE still says I am 16 but I got an email that they pushed the beta to my hub. If this beta causes devices to be non functional then it certainly is not as stable of a version as they made it out to be. But that is nothing new with ST. I should not have to reboot my hub constantly. I can tell you that no reasonable consumer will pay for crap like this. I am an early adopter so hopefully my experience will get them to make it better and maybe one day my great grandchildren will have a true automated home without all the hiccups. Hey ST just put my name in the credits so my great grandchildren will know that their ole grandpa had a part in making their lives easy because ST made his life hell. WAF 0.

The email said they were, not that they did. You may not have the beta.

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Anyone on NA02 still has not had the beta firmware released.

I received an email stating that they sent the beta and that my hub went offline and I was to reboot it so the firmware could upload to my hub. I have a feeling that it fried my hub or at least the ZigBee portion of my hub. So if that is the case I will be left with having to get a new hub and then starting all over since there is no way to transition hub to hub without setting up every device again. I certainly hope that is not the case but if it is that will be the 3rd time for me.

They may have pushed a file that fixed the cloud problem I am awaiting the beta but as one said no one on the na02 server has it. The file the pushed got me connected back to the cloud after a restart or internet disconnect.

So I guess that the email from ST stating that my hub was offline and I needed to try and reboot it for the firmware update was not accurate since no one on na02 has the firmware. Now that leaves me with more questions as to what ST pushed to my hub that has caused all of these issues with ZigBee devices. I just rebooted again and in the IDE it states that ZigBee is functional but lists all ZigBee devices as offline and the last communication with any device on my hub ZigBee or zwave was 10 hours ago but that is not true as I have lights that I have turned on and off via the ST app in the last couple of minutes. Whatever was pushed it has wreaked havoc on my devices.

Did you submit a help ticket?

I have submitted a support ticket so I will update further once they reach out to me on it.

I think it prudent to mention this again. You volunteered for this beta. Even if your hub hasn’t successfully made it to the beta version, the flash itself to that version is also beta, if you weren’t prepared for these consequences you shouldn’t have volunteered for the beta.


HUB disconnects when i use a z-wave lock. not all the time, but since it goes offline i have no way to fix without reseting og remove power.
The hub is answering ping, so it is online.
Removed all smart apps, now using stock Device handler for z-wave lock.
Did a rejoin for the lock.
But stil disconnects, and everything in the house is back to the 90´s
Help please!!! :slight_smile:

It registers the open, and then dies, the locked comes when the hub have been manualy rebooted.

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I agree wholeheartedly. I know that I agreed to the beta and I fully expect problems. While it’s frustrating for me I am okay with it because I expected issues. Consumers will not be. Not having use of some devices makes the beta not very useful and testing is compromised if some devices don’t work. Beta rule 101 you have to be able to test or it’s not beta it’s an experiment.

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Most regular consumers are not on here which is why the beta was asked for us to sign up. Also again they are having a cloud issue which is separate then the beta. If it loses connection to the cloud it doesn’t reconnect even it it shows green on your hub. I was told they had a fix and that’s what they pushed to mine last night. I signed up for the beta but no one that I know of on NA02 is on it due to the cloud issue.

I wish i can try out the firmware… My hub is on its way back to ST for analysis after failing to boot (solid red led) after the firmware upgrade. My legs are getting tired having to walk around to turn off lights…

Hi @einars, please send an email to beta @ if you haven’t already. Symptoms here match a crash in the Z-Wave code, so definitely something that will be a high priority for us to address.

Since we are seeing a few issues, there will likely be an update to the beta that we will prepare and ship out to the beta list. We’ll try to provide more timing as we near that place (likely after our internal alpha/beta/rc depending on the scope of any changes).

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Done as an update to the case i already have posted.
But since it was weekend i used the community.
Have had the issue at least 7-10 times now.