Hub/Eurotronic sensor stopped communicating

just yesterday I started to have a problem with hub not communicating with eurotronic air quality sensor and showing the sensor offline even though it was communicating properly the days before without any problems.

The sensor hasn’t moved a bit, the only change I made yesterday was move this sensor to a different room in the Smartthings app. The whole time LED on sensor is green, which to me indicates that its ON and working. Tried to press the button from behind, didn’t connect afterwards. Tried to unplug the sensor, still with no results. Tried to switch the sensor back to the different room in smartthings, didn’t work as well (I tried this just to make sure, to me it doesn’t make sence that would be the issue)

Hub is apperently trying to communicate with the sensor, the log writes down
1:05:38 PM: trace POLL [SensorMultilevelGet(reserved212: 0, scale: 0, sensorType: 1, reserved110: 0), SensorMultilevelGet(reserved212: 0, scale: 0, sensorType: 5, reserved110: 0), SensorMultilevelGet(reserved212: 0, scale: 0, sensorType: 11, reserved110: 0), SensorMultilevelGet(reserved212: 0, scale: 0, sensorType: 17, reserved110: 0), SensorMultilevelGet(reserved212: 0, scale: 1, sensorType: 39, reserved110: 0)]

what should be my next move?

Since you physically moved the sensor, it may need a new route to the hub. So your next step should be to run the “Zwave Repair” utility. (Actually, you should always do this anytime you physically move a zwave device to a new location.)

Unfortunately I don’t know the current steps to do this as the ST app is not voice-navigable so I can’t use it. Hopefully someone else will chime in. :sunglasses:


in the ST app, go to the Device section, click on the Home icon in the upper left of the screen, Select All Devices and locate and open your hub, then click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and open z-wave utilities

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green only means (from the documentation you linked to) → Air quality is good but also it could mean → Device is ready to be included or excluded. So not sure the green light indicates if it is connected to the hub.

My guess is the device was already offline and when you moved it to a new room in the app, that device health got updated to reflect that status.

Do you have a solid z-wave mesh where the sensor is located?