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Hub disconnect issues


Did they bump you to the 0.20.11 firmware already as part of the Z-Wave firmware upgrade they performed on your hub the other day?


(Steve White) #27

Yes they did. They also pushed a firmware update to the Z-Wave module. I had to reconnect about 2 dozen Z-devices afterward but I don’t believe that’s directly attributable to the either firmware upgrade.

I believe the loss of devices was more due to the very frequent power cycling that had been happening for days as well as the ST the cloud outage last week.

The update is impressive in terms of performance anyhow. One of the more significant I’ve seen so far.

Z-Wave devices respond faster than they ever have. I have also completed upgrading firmware on all 44 Iris SmartPlugs too. That was a long process as each had to be paired with Iris and left overnight but the result is the Z-Wave repeaters in these pair more reliably than before and stay connected afterward.

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(Trevor Botkin) #28

Looks like having my V1hub unplugged for a day did the trick for me. I also think that I had a device on the network creating an unstable situation that was handled when I took everything offline and began adding one by one.

Not sure what was creating the havoc but at least my hub is stable.


(David Forsthoffer) #29

My Hub(v2.0) has been disconnecting several times a day for the last several days. I think it started on Thursday 1/25. Is anyone else having an issue?



(Vagelis F ) #30

I am having the same on my V1 hub.I also have problem pairing again all my 4 fibaro door/window sensors.
FYI: European V1 kickstarter backed hub 868MHz


(David Forsthoffer) #31

The firmware update caused some kind of communication issue with my
router…I rebooted it and have not had an issue.




Agree with David. Rebooting with the hub utility certainly quieted things down. Been getting lots of disconnect messages and losing connections with z wave devices ever since setting up my hub last week. After the reboot, all is well. Using a v2 hub.



My V2 hub is disconnecting about once a week. usually comes back after I unplug it and pull a battery. It’s a pain because it always seems to happen in the middle of the night and I get a push notification that wakes me up. Is there a reset that can be done without having to add all of my things and routines? Is there something else I should be looking at doing?



(jkp) #34

You can try rebooting it in IDE ( )
click on My Hubs
select View Utilities
in the Hub Commands section - click on Reboot Hub



My issues have resumed. Thought the reboot was all it needed but not so. Now does no good. Started just before the recent outage. I wonder if all the disconnects and reconnects might be causing the overloaded cloud service? Kinda like a memory leak that grows until a crash.



Figured this out. I had moved the hub upstairs after the first episode and the connection to my router via Powerline Ethernet extension clearly wasn’t strong enough. Moving the hub back downstairs has it running like a clock now. No disconnects. So hub reboot if nothing else has changed and it starts acting up. Otherwise, suspect a bad internet connection.



Same here. No devices since March 16, 2018.
No attempts to connect/reconnect devices work.



I’ve been having the same issue for the last week or so. I’ll get a notification on my phone that my hub is offline, however, my Internet is up and I can access the Smartthings app. Google Home is linked to my hub and that is how I control my Wemo devices (I don’t have Wemo linked directly to Google Home) and I’m still able to control my Wemos through Google Home (and subsequently through my ST hub) when the hub is “offline”.

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(Frank) #39

I had the same problem this week. I was away on business the alerts were at first troubling, then concerning then just annoying after I saw all was well. months ago I had to disconnect the health feature due to crashing.


(Rich L) #40

i’ve gone through those same feelings today and this morning I hit the annoyed emotion.


(Alejandro Parjus) #41

I guess I’m coming in here too to say that so far after having my hub connected for about 2 weeks it’s disconnected at least once each week.


(James Vondale) #42

Having this issue starting last week. Does it about 10-20 times a day. Disconnects and immediately reconnects. Support isn’t calling me back…


(Steve White) #43

I opened several tickets on this issue over a period of a couple months. Never got a single response to any of them.

I fixed the issue by moving to Hubitat where I don’t jhave to worry about those things anymore.



Did you ever get this resolved? I just started having this happen yesterday, and it happens every 2 hours (+/- a couple minutes).


(James Vondale) #45

No. They seem to have made a fix that it doesn’t give me an android notification each time it happens, but it continues to happen.

Their fix was " thank you for your patience. I have reached out regarding this issue and there are two remaining steps we can take:

  1. Reset the problematic hub and put it into a separate location
  2. The V1 hub is quite old, so your issues may be resolved by upgrading to new V3 hub.

Note though that both of these options will require devices and automations to be set up again.

However, the disconnections seem to be very brief and do not seem to be affecting device control."

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