Hub Connected Devices Now Use Edge Drivers

Interesting. I find it perfectly reasonable not to show the button status on the dashboard as most of the time it shows a fake ‘Standby’ status, but why show the battery when the temperature is available? The general trend elsewhere in SmartThings is to consider the battery level as part of the health status of the device.

Yes, the following was added to Edge production 2 days ago:

  • z-wave on/off wall switches, outlets and plugs from GE/Jasco/Honeywell, Zooz, Leviton, Evolve, Enerwave, Eaton, GoControl, Satco, Everspring, Minoston, EVA, Evalogik, Inovelli, Aeotec. Not all models, so still need to validate via fingerprint if your particular model from the above brands will use Edge

  • z-wave remotes from Springs/Bali/Graber window coverings

  • SmartThings/Aeotec zigbee button


Do you know if the stock edge driver for Zooz switches allows use of multitap function? (tap up X times)

Unfortunately it doesn’t have any kind of button capability for the Zooz switches, so it’s only on/off. But @krlaframboise is working on full function Edge drivers for Zooz.

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Agreed – I too am unclear on what " you would just need to re-onboard the device to have it use the Edge driver" means. Does it simply mean ‘Delete the device from your hub and then re-add it?’
Or is there something I can do in the dashboard to avoid this?

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@Khoeye , a question: you linked to the ‘production’ branch of this github repo, which appears to be behind the ‘main’ branch. Reason I ask is I have a device whose fingerprint is showing as commented out in the prod branch but it’s active in the main branch.

Which branch drivers get pushed to my hub - main or production?


And, all dimmers are commented out in prod for ZWave…

Guessing that main is for developers/manufacturers to QA/Test the functionality, and as they are confirmed they are un-commented in prod.

I would think the flow probably goes acceptance > main > beta > production with main also being an alpha. Probably pretty much as it always has been with main but now the staging process is exposed and probably more agile.

The commenting in and out in the production branch will presumably be a temporary thing until all the drivers are released, and then an occasional thing if they have to put the brakes on publishing for certain devices.

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The FAQ at Edge Drivers for New Devices FAQ – SmartThings Support also uses this poor terminology. It says:
Q: How do I transition my current device to use Edge drivers?
A: If your device has an Edge driver available here, you can re-onboard the device to get it using a new Edge driver.

I realize this might be a dumb question, but could someone (ideally from Samsung) please clarify what is meant by ‘re-onboard’? It’s jargon: do you mean “remove the device and then re-add it”? Or is it something more complicated than that?

i’m not from Samsung, but yes, that’s short hand for remove and re-add. If it’s a z-wave device, you’ll also need to exclude it.


When you are deleting a Z wave device, do you have to exclude it before you delete it from the app or delete it first and then exclude it?

When you select “remove device”, the Z-Wave exclusion mode starts in the Hub, so you should do what the manufacturer says to put the device in that mode as well (for example, press the action button once).
If you force the deletion of the device in the ST app, the device will remain in a “connected” state and you need to reset it to be able to pair it again.

Just to confirm, Jimmy is right:


So if I have devices using DTH and want to move to edge drivers that means I will also lose all the routines associated with the device?
That’s a rather painful consequence.
I’d been hoping there would be a route to an “in place” upgrade that switched driver without losing all the routines too.

There will be in the future when Edge is out of beta


the device profile could be different from DTH and it’s not clear what to do with missing capabilities that were parts of your routines

I am confused. I installed a new GE zwave light switch and it installed with an edge driver. So great!

I then tried to uninstall and reinstall a ikea 5 button, that did not install with the edge driver. So i tried a new ikea 5 button, no edge driver.
I tried a smartthings button im6001-btp01 and at 1st no edge driver, then all of a sudden it was edge, but Ikea 5 button remotes, still no edge driver.

I thought the ikea 5 button was on the list? What am I missing? Any suggestions/advance.

centralite/3455 also does not uninstall/ reinstall as edge driver.

You are missing the right list. Although the ZigBee Button driver in open beta supports a raft of buttons, the version that has gone live only supports the SmartThings button so far.

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Thanks for the info.

I thought this was were the release Edge Drivers and details could be found. This is the page I saw referenced. Is there another page, I should be looking for?

Yes, that’s the link included on the FAQ page, however, to see if a device is supported, you need to take a look at the fingeprints.yml file and see if yours is included. For example, here are the ones for the driver zigbee-button:

There, only the fingerprint of SmartSense/button is uncommented, so, it will be the only one considered.