Hub-Connected devices API in the new platform - Any news re: specs & test environment?

You keep using that word (soon), I do not think it means what you think it means.

Has anyone heard any word? I’ve looked in all the places I know to look, but no progress updates or info recently.


SmartThings (and/or Samsung) wisely learned (about 3 years ago) not to make ETAs public. Sometimes they slip up or get over confident - but any such dates are meaningless.

It’s ready when it’s ready.

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I am not asking for a firm full release date, just some kind of update for something that’s had a ‘coming soon’ placeholder page for months.

Anyway, one benefit of my post though is I now know about ActionTiles which looks very interesting. Looks like it would have a high WAF.

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Thanks! (“WAF” / family acceptance & convenience factor was really the #1 driver for creating ActionTiles and continues to be a significant driver of interest and sales… Someone just mentioned here: Fire Tablet Setup Script for Action Tiles).

Enjoy exploring during the 14-day free trial and please visit our Feedback / Peer Support / Feature Request forum at

(We also don’t list any ETAs nor post insubstantial updates, because it is easier to set customer expectations consistently this way. No promises = no disappointments, and hopefully pleasant surprises :slight_smile:).

I probably frustrate folks here by saying - many tines over the years - what exactly do you expect to be in “some kind of update”? If they don’t publish dates, then the update can’t say “we’re about halfway done”, nor can they say “we got stuck on some major issues because we’re incompetent”… or anything, actually. Apple (etc) doesn’t pre-announce that they are building an incredible mind-reading feature into the next iPhone until they are 100% certain of the release date and only publish that at carefully planned PR events.

I understand this in the context of a product being released to consumers (like your Apple analogy), but I am talking about a feature of a development platform that they’ve already started providing incremental information on.
I’m not asking ‘when will hub-connected devices be fully supported with the new Samsung app’, I’m asking ‘when can we expect some kind of update to the developer page for this particular feature.’ Cloud-connected and cloud-to-cloud have had some kind of content for some time now.
I specifically targeted the developer section to provide this context. There are already plenty of ‘consumers’ asking about when this-or-that device handler will be supported in the new app, but that won’t happen until after the platform is ready to support and the developer platform has a way to build them. Even a diagram of ‘this how we think this is going to work’ would be awesome.

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But isn’t the paradox here obvious to you? If they had this information in a state that they felt confident and ready to publish, then they would allocate resources to publish it.

Ergo - The information or the feature is not sufficiently defined as to be read to publish - or, Samsung has internal reasons or resource constraints to not publish it.

They know the page is blank (just like they know features x, y, z are popular and bugs a, b, c are serious). If they haven’t published any updates on such subjects - this is by choice. And anyone who’s been in this Community for a few months (or years…) knows that asking for updates doesn’t accomplish anything - no matter how many people express support for the request.

I just consistently chime in with this wet blanket unpopular news 'cuz I figure it’s important for customers & developers not to get their hopes up, and to try to offer some perspective on the subject.

However, if you sign up in the new Samsung SmartThings Developer portal, you’ll be able notice an entirely distinct community forum (and new Support Desk). That’s where this question is more appropriate, though I don’t expect a better answer.

Yes - this Community is clearly unofficially deprecated for new API development. It’s far too quiet here for it to represent the enthusiasm folks ought to be showing for the new API.

I am signed up on the new developer portal (and have been for a while) but I don’t see a community forum. Do you have a link?

Le sigh.

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LOL! I did the same search a few minutes ago and saw the same thing. Not really a community for SmartThings developers, eh? They don’t even have a dedicated section for anything ST related yet. Not exactly developer friendly yet, eh?