Hub can't see it, but still control it?

So I’m not super technical, no way a programer. I’m good enough to buy and hook things up like this, that’s about it. So I have a pretty intermentant issue. Ever so often a device will appear to no longer be connected or controllable from the app. It will have an X through it, or something like that. However I can still click on the ON or OFF, and the thing will actually do what I wanted, even when the app said " not responding or there’s a problem. Rebooting my HUB doesn’t reconnect it either. Since I can still technically use the device I just move on with my life. Then maybe 1 or 2 weeks later, that device is now normal in the app, just on it’s own.
Now my Iris Brand garage door opener is saying unavailable, yet it still works when I try and use it. It is this way in the old classic Smart things app and the new Samsung version. Any idea why this keep happening? I mean the back end of they system can still see and control the device, why isn’t the app or user interface seeing it? Then randomly it just starts seeing it again after a week or 2. I have a screen shot here of what the Garage door looks like, but it still works…

I’d say that you probably have Device Health enabled in the Classic app. I recommend disabling that my tapping on those three horizontal bars, and then tapping on Device Health.

Omg, that worked!!! Thank you so much. How simple. :smiley:

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Cool! You’re very welcome!