Hub can't add Ring or Honeywell devices

Trying to set up my new hub and add all of our existing devices. When I try to add our Ring doorbell or our Honeywell thermostat, the screen flashes, and then proceeds to be stuck with Processing. After a few minutes I have to kill the app, and when I restart it and try again, it immediately tells me there’s a network error and to try again later. I am able to connect other devices successfully.


what are the model numbers of the Ring doorbell, Honeywell Thermostat and your ST hub? iOS or Android? version of the ST app you are using?

Ring Doorbell Pro, SmartThings Hub v3 with latest firmware, latest SmartThings app on android.

I looked through the settings, and saw in my connected services that it had both the Ring and Honeywell Total Connect listed, with (Connect) in the name, and when I tried to open them from this screen, it immediately showed the network error, but only sometimes gets stuck processing.

Okay, I figured out the problem. I had the ad blocking enabled on my eero mesh router. It was blocking the requests. After disabling that, I was able to connect.

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