Hub at work and Hub at home -- How?

I have a ST hub at home, and I have another one at work. How do I add co-workers to see the one at work, but not have them see the one I have at home?

I’m thinking the only way to do that is to register the hubs with separate accounts, and then I have to log into the mobile app to the account which I’d like to interact with. If that’s the only way to do it, fine, but if I’m logged into the work hub, is there a way I can still get push notifications from my home hub?

I’m confused.

Also, totally need user management to be fleshed out. If I could give users permissions, like which location they belong to, and which devices they can see, then this wouldn’t be an issue.


Maybe you can set up one of the ActiON dashboard by @625alex. It’s a workaround and a good one at that while we wait for user permissions.

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Yep - what @eibyer said - ActiON dashboard is your best option.

You can set up multiple instances of the dashboard too - one for your colleagues which only shows your office devices, and others for your family which only show home devices, etc.

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ActiON is your best bet for sure, works great. I have several dashboards setup for exactly this purpose.

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