HUB appears claimed even if i resset it PLEASE HELP..:!

Dear community, good afternoon from Ecuador.

I am very enthusiastic about technology and I hope to learn a lot here I am new to the world of HUB and unfortunately I am having a very bad time.

It all starts when I buy a door plate yale with zvave in the USA I didn’t know that to control it I needed a HUB, I call Yale and they recommend the smarthub for the issue of backup batteries buy version 2, install the sheet first and then proceed to install the hub that I bought from a friend, try to reset first and it didn’t work, reset it and download the smarthings application on my iphone xsmax and I couldn’t find it, it said exactly a connection problem with the central unit occurred, check the network and try again , I tried many times then check in the app store and found the classic smarthings application with that after several attempts I managed to connect the back HUB I prepared to connect the YALE plate and they were not worth mentioning that the two products were purchased in the US, call to Yale and they made me restart the hub and there the real problem began, once I restarted it I never let myself connect to the cell application Lar, call Samsung and at first they made me subtract for 5 times the HUB still appears as registered despite resetting it several times they recommended me to create a new email and try not to work, the story continues and now I have several accounts and a HUB that is As registered and I do not know what email account, I have been calling samsung for 2 weeks without any response but the case is raised to those who are responsible for deleting the accounts of the hubs but nothing happens, someone happened to this? Do you have any idea how to fix it? I would appreciate your help.