Hub and Things online, no connectivity to Things

I could use some help. Everything was working fine for months and I made no changes to the ST, apps, or things. One day, I noticed that one of my smart GE paddle switches wasn’t turning on via automation like it was supposed to.

It seems none of my GE paddle switches are working. After many hard resets and probing around in the developer portal, it does seem like the hub is online and the hub sees the “on\off” issued events, but there is no action at the switch. I’m wondering what I can do to debug further?

Shoot, at this point it would be much easier to “erase” everything and start over if that were an option.

Any recommendations on how to proceed?

if your hub has batteries then take them out before turning it off for 15+ minutes

Unfortunately, not resolved with the same results. I disconnected everything and left the batteries out for an hour, then restored everything and left it for another hour before attempting to switch any controls. I do get the hub disconnect and reconnect messages.

Any other options? If I’m running out of options, are there more drastic things I can do? Haven’t researched but I didn’t know if I could flush everything and start over?

Is it just the one switch? If it is, pull the airgap if it has one, if not secure the power to the switch then turn the power back on.

No, it’s every single switch (both GE types and Samsung outlet plug style). At least that’s what I’ve checked. Frankly it’s probably everything…its just switching lights\items on was quick and easy for me to run around and check. Pretty sure other sensors are down too…like I know for sure some leak sensors and presence sensors aren’t showing the correct status.

What would be the drastic step I can take to resolve this?

Is it possible to completely wipe out ALL devices and apps and start over and how is this done? Will each device need to be put into a pairing mode?

As much as I’d like to find a solution, it seems like starting over is the quickest option at this point.

Thanks much!