Hub alarm beep?

We recently migrated over from an iris by Lowe’s hub to the Samsung smartthings hub I was wondering if their is a way to set a delay for alarming our house so it alarms ten or so seconds after we’ve hit alarm, and have it beep for the count down our iris would beep 10 times (ten seconds) then alarm when it finished is this possible and can it be done on the app or pc?

check out SHM delay

nor sure on the beep. hopefully someone else may know the answer on that part

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Thank you I’m sure we can live without the beep it’s kinda like the rapid beeping when you alarm adt except spaced apart

Unfortunately ST Classic phoneapp and Smart Home Monitor, do not provide for exit or entry delays. As @jkp mentioned one way to get delays is with my smartapp, SHM Delay 2.0. Also as far as I know the ST hub does not produce sounds.

If you have an Iris V2 or V3 keypad, it beeps during exit and entry delay using SHM Delay, along with arming and disarming the system. SHM Delay also works without keypads.

With or without using a keypad, you can use speakers or tablets for sounds and speech with various SmartApps and Custom DTHs. An easy, inexpensive way to do this (and my personal choice) is with an Amazon Fire tablet, Fully Kiosk Browser, and ActionTiles. Then on Smarthings install Smartapp BigTalker 2.0 and DTH Fully Kiosk Browser Controller for sounds and TTS. You get a nice dashboard, with reliable sound and speech.

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