HUB active or not Active

My hub appears to be active. 3 grren lights on the front, ethernet point is actively flashing away.
I have the app on my phone, i can turn the LifX light on & off and change its colour from the phone App. But now i am trying to connect a motion sensor via the phone app and it tells me that my hub is currently offline. This appears to be strange.

It may be downloading a firmware update.

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i tried to reconnect the Hub through the wizard, entering the Hub Code has the App telling me the Code has previously been used & i need to contact support. This is fun ;(

yes, i got that about the lights. No power without batteries and hub not connecting so i have unplugged it & connected another hub. This one powered up without batteries & is going through the coloured light sequences. Has hit green lights now, then Tap Next is still spinning. Im assuming it is doing an update (i hope).
I am beginning to see what you mean about reliability.

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OVER an hour has passed and the App is still trying to connect to the Hub. Reasons unknown here.
Reboot Reset / Hub / Router / Phone