Http Socket Crash

I having a couple of http calls being made in my driver that are returning very large responses. These responses are causing the socket implementation to crash, and consequently, the driver to restart. There are no errors that are logged in the ST layers prior to the crash. This is using socket.http. What options exist for a workaround/fix?

@nayelyz Should I add this to the bug report thread? Does that escalate it at all?

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Maybe you can only put a link there to this thread. It’s best to have separate conversations so the thread doesn’t grow and the comments get lost among thousands of posts.

In the meantime, I’ll ask the engineering team about this.

@blueyetisoftware, do you know the size of the payload? This is to have a better reference for your case and what you mean by large :slight_smile:

Looks like 40K lines of json. The Hue API can be very verbose unfortunately.