Http requests? How are you using these?

I am trying to learn how to use the http request to launch specific items on my network. Is anyone using these (in CoRE, IF or tasker) I’m curious if your implementation.

I use these quite a bit, what information are you looking for specifically?

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The majority of my SmartApps make HTTP requests to a Mac running HAM Bridge. HAM Bridge’s help page shows how to make the call from a SmartApp.

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I do this the very simplest way, by using the maker channel/service IFTTT. This is how I integrate Ibeacons into my home automation system.

There are lots of other ways to do it, as were already mentioned. HAMBridge, CoRE, even some individual Smartapps.

I would like to start a movie from voice. So I can say turn on Back to the future on Plex and CoRE would process based on Plex’s http IP.

Thinking larger this would be cool to do by app. Launch Lost on Netflix.

I tried the maker channel but it didn’t give me the ability to add the http request for what I’m trying to do (see above). Another user got this to work via Google home and ST. I use Alexa.

How many movies in your library? I have this working using Google Home but as you said Alexa doesn’t allow you to pass a variable through as part of the HTTP request. The only other thing I can think off hand is to create a virtual switch for each of your movies, then have CoRE make a web request when one of the switches is turned on.

Too many. That’s why I’m looking for another solution.

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Get a Google Home :joy:

Could you please share how you got Google Home to play movies on Plex?


It’s actually Kodi, not Plex. Does Plex accept commands via Web request? I’m not familiar with it.

I have the same setup but using Alexa but I was hoping to use it without going through Kodi.

I’ve never seen any references for Plex HTTP commands that could play movies directly in Plex via URL.

It’s there just not straightforward

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