HS-WS100+ Single Tap Turns on Everything?

I have a HS-WS100+ switch installed in my kitchen. It is hardwired to control my “not smart” under cabinet lighting. My intention is to be able to use the switch like any regular switch to turn on/off the lighting via one tap up/down.

I also have a few Philips Lightstrips in my kitchen. I want to be able to turn them on/off via the double tap up/down.

My Problem:
When I tap up once, the switch turns on both the wired under cabinet lights, and the Philips light strips. If I double tap the switch, it only turns on the light strips (which is what I want). How can I only turn on the wired under cabinet lights with my single tap?

I am using the Button Controller Plus (Thanks Dalec) smart app and the device handler that Darwin created (Thanks Darwin).

Any thoughts would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!