HS-WD200+ group associations not working

That’s a negatory. I was thinking I had race issues before, where the non-activated switch would get a mirror/update command from the activated switch, then send a command back to the activated switch. That’s what happens - if I set up a two-way mirror, or a two way automation (basically the same thing right), the switches fight each other and wind up in some random partially dimmed state. Not acceptable. Unless I can get the association groups working, the best I can do is have the master mirror the slave … in this case at least the slave can control the light. But any actions done from the master will not update the state of the slave. Very annoying.

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Just spitballing here, what if I created two automations, master->slave and slave->master, to sync status, but made them conditional … ie, if slave turned on and master off, set master to new slave status? I guess I’d need 4 automations since I’d need to to cover the off->on scenario, and two for the on->off scenario. But maybe this would block the race conditions, since turning on the master when the slave was off would sync the slave to the master, but then since the master was already on it would block syncing back the other way as the slave came on, etc. Thoughts?

Sounds worth a try! Since most switches don’t fall into a race condition when using the official mirror feature, I think this is just something where it will take trial and error to see what does work with ones that do. :thinking:

It works, sort of. Took me a while to figure it out … I was using the “On” and “Off” status of the switches, which resulted in a ping-pong on and off effect as the SW isn’t triggering on the state change but just the state. Took me a while to figure that out. Then I found the “Toggle up” and “Toggle down” options, and works. Problem is it doesn’t work for dimming … the way these switches work, you hold the paddle down or up to reach the dimming level you want. This doesn’t register as a toggle so the automation doesn’t kick in. But even if it did, I don’t see any way in an automation to sync dimming levels. That’s one of the great things about the association … it just syncs everything automatically. Any way you know of to sync dimming levels? Could I do this w/webcore?