HS-WD100+ with HS-WA100+

I’m coming from Control4 so haven’t done much with Smartthings. I am replacing a couple C4 dimmers one of which was connected to a 3 button pad at the top of the stairs in a 3 way setup. I had a couple of WD100+ and a WA100+ that I never installed when I was toying with Homeseer. I’ve done the physical install and the two dimmers seem to be operating just fine. I joined them to my smarthings hub and they can be operated through the app fine. I’m trying to figure out how the auxilary switch works. Is it just an extension of the dimmer that it’s connected to using the traveler so is not actually part of the smarthings project? Meaning I just program the dimmer for various things and the aux switch just mimics that or does it work a different way? IT doesn’t appear to be controlling anything right now. Thanks.


GE/Honeywell/Jasco switches and dimmers work the same way, one smart device with wired remote controls for 3-, 4-, and 5-way control.