How would you use "here" in a command phrase to control Alexa connected devices

If Alexa would know where you are in your home, what would you have her do?

My favorites:

Alexa open the garage door and turn the lights off in here
Alexa lights of in here
Alexa it’s dark in here
Alexa open the vents in here
Alexa what temperature is in here
What command would you give her in #here ?

A smarter Alexa is almost here!

My favorite commands to give Alexa…

turn up the lights in here
turn up the fan in here
it’s cold in here
it’s hot in here
I’m going to sleep in here

And the best part… they do different things based on what room you’re in… but the commands are the same!


Who needs an app, when all you want is to use Alexa Voice service. #here puts the voice where it belongs - at the center of your home control.

assuming V5 has speaker notifications still - “tell X to come #here” - “tell X I need more chips/dip/beer in #here” - “tell X to have everyone come #here” - “tell X we are going to start opening presents in #here

I still use mike maxwells virtual music player as the output for notifications so the output only goes to rooms where people are. So maybe alexa would know where here is depending on where I say it?

These could also be possible:
Turn the lights off everywhere but #here
Turn the music off everywhere but #here
Turn the fans off everywhere but #here

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We’ve been working diligently to do exactly that… “exception/stop words” are all part of compound commands. :grin:


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