How would you control lighting with my setup?

HI all,

I have a SmartThings hub, some sensors and small stuff but now i’d like to get my outdoor lights connected to it.

I would like to make smart all components of a 3 way switch connected to a fused spur, and a 2 way swtich connected to another fused spur

conserv switches|345x337

I am not bothered about having all lights individually switchable from within Smartthings, all or nothing is good enough.

how would you best achieve this?

Smart switch on the main switch from each spur, slave switches in the other switches on each spur. Use trendsetter or SmartLighting rule if 1 spur is on, it turns on the other.

Are you in the US or UK or…?

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UK @Automated_House

@RLDreams so you can get smart switches which have a fuse? :slight_smile: have u got a link to an example please?