How well does native presence work?

Got my v3 hub a couple of days ago, wrote some webcore pistons and automation is good. Expect for one thing. I wrote a presence piston that alertes when users come home.

However often the app shows my phone or gfs phone as away or present when its the opposite.

I have that the app can alwasy collect data on where am i. We both use iPhones.

Is this common? any fix for this?

If you search for presence you will find that this has been discussed ad nauseum. The bottom line is that ymmv. For some it works flawlessly, for others, not so much.

Start here to see if you can find something that works better for you than native presence:

Search for “presence” to find the rest.


Has worked flawlessly for my iphone and my Wifes. Would not work at all on my Son’s. Go figure?

And one day it will just randomly switch and will work fine for his and yours will stop working every other Tuesday.

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