How well do beacons work? (2018)

True, overtime it may even be cheaper to buy an estimote based on the frequency of battery changes associated with the Rad beacons.

The only thing I can see is that the Estimote is not as portable as the Rad beacon. I could try to place one in my car and use that as a proximity sensor but I do not think that is as reliable as having it on my keys.

If I need just basic functionality (to allow me to trigger IFTTT with Webhooks) can I purchase just the Beecon, not the Beecon+ ? Beecon is just 4$. As you said the developer stopped developing, so the investment is a risk

I would recommend trying Geofency instead. It’s been kept up-to-date.

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Finally pulled the trigger on this project and bought some iBeacons. So far no direct integration with SmartThings (still wish @obycode would reconsider updating BeaconThings), but using an app called PushCuts for iOS that’s an Siri Shortcuts development app that allows using Shortcuts, webhooks or other online services such as Zapier. I’ve got a beacon device added to SmartThings via existing handler code and looking for the simplest way to change status of the beacon since beacons can act as presence sensors. Any thoughts @JDRoberts?

Sorry, I’m confused by the question. The iBeacon itself is always on.

When Using beacons for presence, most people create a virtual presence sensor (abbreviated VPS) which also has the “switch” capability so you can turn it on and off in SmartThings.

So you turn the VPS on when you are in range of the beacon and off when you leave the region. This causes the VPS to register to ST as “Home” or “away.” But the beacon itself is always on.

This is covered in the presence FAQ. See post 5 for a link to the VPS code.