How water recirculation temperature measurement?

I’ve read through some of the hot water recirculation threads and have the Green Smart Hot Water Recirculator app installed. I am using it to just recirculate the water in my house at certain times at a set interval. I’d like to be able to measure the temperature at various points (maybe just one, but we’ll see).

I know I’m probably being a little lazy, but I’m hoping to save a little time and have someone recommend to me a contact sensor that I can connect to a copper pipe (tape and insulation I assume) and connect to a z-wave or zigby device that is plug in (I don’t want to change batteries if possible). From the community threads I’ve looked at, I haven’t seen directions on how to connect the two components and I doubt that this comes with the manual. Any help would be very much appreciated.

See the following thread. If you want a mains powered device, the Fibaro RGBW controller can accept up to four analog sensors. But see the thread.

Is there a contact thermal sensor?

Thanks JDR. So, I can get one of these fibaro RGBW controllers (On quick search, I didn’t see a DH for the 442 model), and one of these and I should be good?

Is this the DH that I need to use to accomplish the goal?

The Qubino products can utilize a temperature probe. I use their dry contact relay to control my pump and also have the temp probe taped to the pipe to measure the temp.

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Another possibility…