How unique must my edge driver's packageKey be?

only says

  • packageKey : Unique identifier of the package

Within what namespace?
Universal (don’t collide with anything in the universe, uuid)?
Developer (don’t collide with any other package of mine)?
Hub (don’t collide with any other package on my hub)?

I have noticed a length (36?) limitation.
I was considering my github project url but it exceeds this limit.

I use the following format, maybe you can make use of it.

If I use one of the standard packageKey id’s on the hub like ‘zigbee-button’ that I’m using for devices… they will just work fine with both driver packages.



The packageKey is used during the package upload and is only unique per developer, so, in case you install a driver from an invitation with the same packageKey, there shouldn’t be a problem.
What it’s unique across developers is the driverId, that’s why we ask for this value when we need to report a problem.