How to wire switch with no load

Sure, that’s usually called a virtual 3 way.

If you are in North America,There are models sold specifically for this purpose: one master switch, which you put where you have load, line in, and neutral, and an auxiliary switch which doesn’t use the load. In a SmartThings set up, pressing on the auxiliary sends a message to the hub which sends a message to the master. It’s also possible to have the auxiliary send a message directly to the master, but then he can get out of sync with the SmartThings mobile app.

Some people just use the auxiliary, no master at all, to control smart bulbs.

The most popular for this purpose is probably the linear/Gocontrol WT00Z for the auxiliary, paired with a matching master. But again, because it sends its message to the hub, you can use it with anything that smartthings can control. :sunglasses:

Eaton Cooper also has a similar device.

Alternatively, some people just take an zwave master switch and tie off the line and the load so that the load doesn’t go through the switch and the power stays always on. That could work well for smart lightbulbs. But it doesn’t sound like that matches your particular use case.

Another option is to use a battery operated switch, which you can put literally anywhere. This works the same way as the virtual three-way: the battery operated switch send a message to the hub which then sent a message to the master switch. There are a number of these for both North America and Europe. See the following FAQ. (This is a clickable link) some of the entries are battery powered, some are mains powered, and the region frequency should be listed at the beginning of the post. So read each description carefully. :sunglasses::level_slider:. Form factors also very a lot, but some look just like Wall switches.