How to wake the Samsung Contact Sensor?

Some of my sensor is not working.

I check its battery is still full.

I’ve been several times to remove the battery and reinsert. But not ok

The image below, the door was closed but you see [OPEN]

Help me!:joy:

While waiting for help from you…

move it closer to hub.

or try remove battery, insert again

or just completely remove it from hub and pair it again.

my personal guess is that tour zigbee mesh is not solid and you need a zigbee repeater

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Thanks, I try @plantucha

I I solved the my problem.

Reason: Due to the frequency of my Access Point and Modem Wifi
#I’ve done as follows:
~ Channel: 1
~ Mode: 11n only
~ Bankwidth: 40Mhz

Thanks :smile: