How to Use Google Home Geolocation Function to Arm/Disarm my SmartThings Hub v2?

My Smartthings Geolocation was poor and has now stopped working. My Google home has Geolocation can Google home be set to arm / disarm my Hub 2 with Geolocation.?

Sure, just create a virtual switch in SmartThings (you can use the app for that in certain countries, if not you’ll need to use the advanced website at //

Then in Google Home turn on/off the switch in the home/away routines. And in SmartThings create a routine to arm/disarm when the switch is on/off.

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Many Thanks
I have made the changes and will test over the next few days.

No problem, my success with geolocation depends on the day, sometimes Google Home works better, sometimes SmartThings, sometimes none will trigger… At least the virtual switch allows you to even manually switch it or have a smart button to toggle it. I just disabled geolocation, not reliable.

Interesting comment, but why does Geolocation work every time with my Arlo security cameras.??

This wasn’t intended as a reply to the previous post, that came in while I was typing …

Location is rather individual, being significantly affected by your phones ability to detect that you have crossed the geofence boundary and to communicate it. At my home those things work well and so does SmartThings. There are other places that aren’t so good.

Google Home was rock solid for some but used to be ridiculously eccentric for me. It was usually OK with departures but not so good at arrivals. If you were lucky it would detect you home before you got to the front door, but it was much more likely to detect you home a few minutes later and it was often an hour or three. It would also inexplicably decide at random times that you were away, supposedly because it hadn’t detected any activity. This despite it not having any sensors capable of doing that. I tried adding dedicated Nest Home devices for particular users but they considered any overheard command by anybody to be of equal value as an explicit command by a recognised user.

However it has to be said that at some stage it stopped being so rubbish, and now it is basically on a par with SmartThings, which is reasonable given they are both using the same detection mechanism. The Google geofence does seem to be fixed at around 250m.