How to use geofence without giving full access to ST account

Here is my scenario: I want to set geofence for my wife but don’t want to give access to ST. I tried the presence sensor but I want a radius of 2km so it is not for this purpose.
From my understanding I need to use her cell as a presence sensor. To do so I need to add her email in my ST account. And doing so she can login and has full access. Is there a workaround?


If she is on android, possibly use Tasker, sharptools setup?

OR possibly use the location app life360?

I unfortunately can not comment on either one. I’m sure there is plenty of threads on this topic.
I’m also sure others will come in and offer other opinions.


Yup, a life 360 install without the st mobile app would do it.


Life360 or IFTTT presence both work for most smartphones. or Tasker if it’s an Android phone. Or custom WiFi presence, but that one is more work to set up.


I’m trying life360. Any draw back from this option?

Every method has pros and cons. Life360 is popular and it’s an official integration. The main thing people like housemates or Airbnb guests don’t like about it is that it would allow you to track everywhere they’ve been. So it works better for family members or couples.

The main alternative is IFTTT presence, which doesn’t have shared tracking and just relies on the phone’s own Geolocation feature to trigger arrival/departure at a specific location.

Different things will work for different households, especially for presence. :sunglasses:

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In deed! I didn’t think of it! I see you have much experiences :wink:

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