How to Use an Open/Closed Sensor as a Leak Detector

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If you don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks for delivery, you can get 5 of these for six bucks with Amazon Prime…

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Didn’t know that these exist! Pretty neat, Have you had good luck with them so far?

Just put it together today. Seems to work fine. Using on a your basic RFD Mailbox that is almost 100ft away w/o a problem. I use 15 of these as leak sensors.

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Working ok. Sometimes it doesn’t report an open. There’s not enough room in the case to get the right angle. Could put the board and put it in a bigger case but I’m gonna try a mercury switch first.

I had switch in a shed that’s hard to reach so today I put a o/c sensor in a single gang box and connected a single pole switch to operate a smart bulb. Now I have a convenient switch near the door.

Does the builtin reed sensor work as separate sensor from the external input? Or do they work in parallel (either will trigger as one open/close sensor)?

I believe it’s an either or situation. It can’t do double duty.

I finally actually made one of these. lol

Very cool!