How to unsubscribe from a shared channel?

Can’t find any CLI-command to unsubscribe from a shared (invited) channel. I’m only able to unenroll the hub from the channel.

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You can use the same invitation URL to uninstall the drivers and unenroll from the channel.

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The CLI makes reference to the ‘Subscription URL’ for a channel you are enrolled in. I don’t know if that is meant to mean the URL where you manage your subscriptions to the channel (which would seem to take the form of enrollments), or if it is meant to imply you are subscribed to the channel.

Whatever it is intended to refer to, I interpreted your post as asking if there was a way to forget that you’d accepted the invitation so it was no longer possible to access the Subscription URL.

@nayelyz Nayely, if that isn’t what was being asked, then I am asking it. As things stand, once I have accepted a channel invitation I can just go direct to the ‘{{channelId}}’ address anytime I want and enroll my hubs. What if I no longer wish to be able to do that?

From the invitation link I can only unenroll the channel from my hub (same as st edge:channels:unenroll i think).
But my question is regarding, how to totally remove/disconnect the shared channel from my account so it disappears from the list I get with st edge:channels --include-read-only.

Ok, I think I see what you mean. Despite I already unenrolled from the channel, it keeps appearing in the list as @gol mentioned.
Also, in the invitation URL, I can un-enroll but I cannot retract from accepting the invitation (I think that’s what @orangebucket means).

I’ll verify this with the engineering team and let you know their comments.