How to Unregister Devices Deleted Using the Web App


(Gene ) #1

I just received the new second generation hub. I believe I made a mistake by removing all of my devices and old hub using the web app instead of using the “exclude” functionality in smart phone app. As a result I believe all of my devices are still registered with the old hub. I also deleted my old hub using the web app.

Since they no longer appear on my smart phone, any ideas on how to unregister them with the old hub so I can add them to the new hub?

(John S) #2

You go to Menu top right, My Locations, tap the gear for your location, + by your hub, + by Z-Wave Utilities, General Device Exclusion

Then do something on the device to get it to generate an event - usually there is a button somewhere you can press (switches) or you open/close the contact, etc, but things like lights are problematic, sometimes powering them on/off/on/off/on a few times does it. Repeat over and over and over…

If you can’t get the exclude to work, google for or find the docs that came with the device and find out how to reset it to factory default, that will also make it forget.

(Gene ) #3

Thank you very much! Worked exactly as you described. I was able to unregister all of my devices and add to the new hub. Much appreciated!