How to turn power off to something in X minutes

Ok so my problem is in my son’s room. He gets 30 minutes of TV at bedtime. He uses a roku stick to watch cartoons on netflix. The TV has a sleep timer which works fine. The roku has its own power supply and continuously runs, in turn eating up my data cap until someone realizes it’s still going and shuts it off the next day.

The only thing I can think of right now is buying a cheap button and using core to trigger a wait 30 minutes then power off via the plug that came with smart things, but I don’t have a switch and would like to avoid buying another if possible. Any other solutions for this? I’d REALLY like to tell alexa “turn off roku in 30 minutes,” but I cant seem to find that anywhere. I also dont want a time based setting, because bedtime varies a little each night

I have ST, hue bridge, 3 alexa devices, and various bulbs/sensors. Any help is appreciated

You don’t need a physical button, you can just use the pocket socket that you plug the Roku into. But you do have to plug the Roku into something smart so you have something to control.

Once you have that, you can just use the power allowance option in the official smart lighting feature and have the smart plug always turn itself off after 30 minutes of use, if that meets your requirements.

If you want to be able to sometimes have the Roku on for longer than 30 minutes, you would could maybe base it on time of day (as in “between 9 pm and 8 am,” not a specific time) or use some other approaches.

But definitely, as long as you have a smart plug that you can plug the Roku into, you could easily limit it to 30 minutes of use.

In any case, you should always be able to use a virtual switch rather than an actual physical button if that helps any.

BTW, A lot of people who don’t have home automation do this just with a “green power strip” where when the TV turns off, the Roku turns off. Those work just fine if your goal is energy-saving. They don’t always work for a kids viewing allowance, because the kid can usually figure out they can just unplug it from the slave port and plug it into an always on port and keep watching. But it is an option for some households.

(Ignore the stuff about the USB cable, that doesn’t work with the Roku stick model)

Tricklestar makes a bunch of these, you can usually find one for under $15.

Both of those should work. I didn’t even think of using a virtual switch. That’s easy enough and I won’t have to buy anything. Thanks for your input @JDRoberts . You’ve answered many of ym questions before this one lol

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