How to turn ON/OFF GE link A19 lightbulb vi zigbee?

I am using a Schneider Electric MPM as my coordinator.

I am trying to send the command in the lua console:

@@@@ Lua.zcl.send_command

API Level: APP

Lua interface function zcl.send_command()

Send a ZCL generic command


number - destination_short_id :
    Destination short ID [16bits]

string - destination_extended_id :
    Destination 64bits ID.
    This is an hexadicemal string of 16 character and shall be provided
    in this format:
    if a valid ID is provided, short_id is ignore.
    If not used, provide "".

number - source_endpoint:
    ZigBee Source Endpoint.
    If not specified (set to 0), default endpoint (3) is used.

number - destination_endpoint:
    Destination endpoint

number - cluster_id:
    ZCL cluster

number - application_profile:
      ZigBee application profile.
      If not provided (set to 0), CAN2go default application profile (0xCBAC) is used.
boolean - cluster_specific_command:
    true if this is a cluster specific command
    false if this a profile wide command

number - command_id:
    Command identifier

table - payload: (optional)
    table of bytes representing the payload


number - error_code:
    0 on success
    See zcl.ERROR_xxx of error values

string - error_msg:
    nil on success.
    On error, a message is provided.


error_code, error_msg = zcl.send_command(
                            0,                   -- destination_short_id (unknown)
                            "0080E1020021A9B2",  -- destination_extended_id
                            0,                   -- source_endpoint (unknown) 
                            10,                  -- destination_endpoint
                            0x0003,              -- cluster_id          : "Identify Cluster"
                            0x104,               -- application_profile
                            false,               -- not cluster specific
                            0x02,                -- command             : "Write attributes" 
                            {0,0,0x21,0xF0,0})   -- payload (attribute: 0x0000, data type: 0x21, data: 240s)


error_code, error_msg = zcl.send_command(
                            0xFFE3,              -- destination_short_id
                            "",                  -- destination_extended_id (unknown)
                            0,                   -- source_endpoint (unknown) 
                            10,                  -- destination_endpoint
                            0x0003,              -- cluster_id          : "Identify Cluster"
                            0x104,               -- application_profile
                            true,                -- cluster specific
                            0x01,                -- command             : "Identify Query"
                            {0xF0,0x00})         -- payload (240s)

if error_code == 0 then
    print("zcl.send_command() succeed.")
    print("zcl.send_command() failed : " .. tostring(error_msg))


My best try so far:

0, – destination_short_id (unknown)
"", – destination_extended_id
0, – source_endpoint (unknown)
255, – destination_endpoint
0x0006, – cluster_id : "Identify Cluster"
0x102, – application_profile
true, – not cluster specific
0x00) – command : “Write attributes”

You have a lot of unknowns in your command. I would think you need at least the destination_short_id or extended_id to get the command to the bulb. And hopefully you would know the source_endpoint for your controller.

I think your other parameters would be:

either 10 or 01 for destination_endpoint (GE Bulbs use endpoint 1, so I think it would be 01)
cluster_id is correct.
0x104 for application_profile is zigbee HA. I assume based on the samples that your controller can send messages of that type. GE Bulbs will accept either ZHA or ZLL, but are based on the ZLL extension. ZLL would be 0xC05E.
true - because this would be cluster specific
0x01 - command is turn on (0x00 would be turn off)
There is no payload for either of these.


Thanks, that really helps, I’ll try it out.


Have you tried? Success? Could you contact me?

Yep I did succeed, but gee I dont remember… it was at my last job. All the luck

Do you have documentation of zcl library for MPM?

You need to get in touch with someone at “schneider electric building expert” , perhaps an application expert from the solution team might help you.

You might be able to get in touch by calling : (514) 313-8885

Good luck !