How to turn off or reduce blinking light blue notification light on Android phone?

SmartThings really does send a lot of notications for each thing it does. I realize this is the nature of the system. But seems it sends so many and the notification list gets so long if you don’t clear them as they pop up.

Any way to reduce these and/or also reduce / turn off the fast frantic blinking light blue notification light?

Thank you.

If you don’t want any you can turn notifications off in the app on your phone. (For Android anyway).
As for getting ST to restrict them, I’m not sure it’s possible.

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In your routines, SHM, WebCore you can choose not to use notification for things. Which are you getting a lot of notifications for?

Hi @timd1971

Go to To change Notification settings for Android devices.
Settings->Notifications->(Select the app you want to mod.)

why not just remove (or refine) the push notifications from the smart apps that are causing them? Would hate for you to turn them off for the ST app and miss a smoke, leak, co, etc alert.

Just answering a question posed.

Agree with you on refining notifications.

You can use tasker to disable the notification LED based on whatever trigger you want (specific app notification, time of day, ringtone state). I use wireless charging as my trigger so when I dock my phone by the bed the notification LED is disabled.

In the app go to Audio >> Notification Pulse action.

Have you tried using an iPhone instead?

I doubt he wants to downgrade his phone :sunglasses:


oh gawd no. thanks for the suggestion anyways. : /

Too each his own. I prefer a company that updates their phone software themselves instead of getting a phone and hoping the manufacture ever sends out an update preferably without all of their crappy user face overlays they stick on. And the fact it’s more secure is a selling point, but again, to each his own.

Yup. To each their own.

I totally agree, If Samsung didn’t make an unlocked version of their phones they would not have my money right now.

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