How to stop New ST APP from reporting device current


After 3 years with the Classic ST APP I’m settling in with the New ST APP. This nuisance issue has been around from the start. I have 20+ devices, two of which power battery chargers. One is my Weed Whacker, the other is 2 backup battery packs and a electric drill. They turn on from 3:15 AM to 3:45 AM. Since the power drops as the batteries charge up the modules (Samsung F-CEN-APP-1) report about 200 times (about 6 times per minute) each night! I only find options to turn off all notifications. Is there a way to stop current reports only. I’d also like to stop reports of temperature which modules report all day long.

Leo Taylor

Hello! Is any one home?
I posted this over a month ago and no one has responded. I just tapped History and the response “Chargers Power meter 3.4” appears (number changes) hundreds of time before I see a useful piece of information. Is there any way to suppress the current report I never use?

Knock Knock,

It has now been 2 months since I posted about getting over a hundred reports in 30 minutes from my battery charger module each night from 3:15 AM to 3:45 PM. It reports the load’s power level has changed. This is inherent with the 4 battery chargers plugged in, the power drops as the batteries charge up.
I have another repeat reporter. I put holiday lights on an evergreen with 5 strings. It reports slight fluctuations in the load power.
I don’t need the power reports, nor temperature reports from motion detectors. Are there thousands of you out there whose History scrolls forever listing useless data when all you want to know is when a module turned on or off?