How to stop automation with a trigger?

wondering if anyone has any suggestions, i try to automate as much as i can however the automation is causing an issue when it comes to situations ive not accounted for or is not the usual.

I have my livingroom lights to auto turn on via core with circadian daylight feature also which dims the lights and changes the colours ect. The problem i have is when i want to watch a film , i dim the lights and change the colour but of course becuase my trigger is movement it resets back, could i create a movie mode similar to “im back” to exclude the automation is this is set?

also i set scenes in philips hue and again they are reset is there’s movements so if i set a scene or colour in smartthings can i set it so that it doesn’t auto reset until the light is turned off for example? using the hue advanced connect

Do you have a harmony remote?

I have a rule in CoRe to change lights if I am playing video games, if the PS4 is on. You have to have a CoRe rule to a refresh on the remotes state, since harmony is slow to update.

In order for it to work you will need to use the advanced coRe features to set up statements for each scenario under a single rule.

The other option is to have modes or a virtual switch that disables the CoRe rule you have.

You could create a mode called Movie and then set your CoRE pistons to not fire in that mode. I do this with a Party mode where i don’t want lights turning off, garage closing, etc


I plugged my TV in an outlet that is power meter. When TV turns on, it switches a uDTH on indicating that TV is on. I run several Smart Lighting instances, two for when TV is on, and 3 when is off. I use different timers and hue colors based on TV state. I built mine in Smart Lighting, but is much easier in CoRE.

My use case is:

When TV is on, set up relax scene colors, at 80%. After 10 min of inactivuty dim down to 30%
But if TV is off, set up energize scene at 100%. After 5 min of no motion dim to 50%. After 10 min more turn off,

thanks guys , given me some ideas for my livingroom setup.

in my kitchen/ dinner sometimes i change the lights to a scene in the hue app but again i have a trigger to turn the lights on with movement/lux and turn off when there’s none.

could i set it that only reset the light to default ( orange white) if the light is off ?

You could set up a variable or even a virtual switch. Use it as a condition for the automaton. Ie; the switch is off and movement is active for the automaton.

Then when you turn on the movie scene, have it turn the virtual switch on. That keeps the automaton from running.

When you turn off the movie scene have it turn off the switch, then in the next movement event the lights will reset to their proper setting.