How to stop a shutter using Aeon motor controller?

I am using the aeon motor controller to drive a shutter up and down.
According to the capabilities :
There is a way to run it up(on) and down(off) but no way to stop it.
Here is the device handler used:


Looks like it should stop on command
line 53 there makes a stop button in the DH so should be a stop button, LN124 is the stop command?
capability should be “Door Control”
you would also have to check what the supported commands are ie should 124 be WINDOW_COVERING_STOP_LEVEL_CHANGE

Thanks MarkC,
I am using google voice to control this shutter.
I am able to tell it to go up using: “Hey Google, turn on the shutter”
but “Hey Google, stop the shutter” does nothing.
How to fix this?

id start with fixing the capability then google might recognaise the device traits.
ive never fully worked out how to add a google trait

on my trv DH i found that thermostat (my DH capability) had a summer mode so i used def summer() as a command to run my boost ie set mode to summer ran def summer which in the code ran the boost command

you could try adding the capability of a washing machine then in might let you use existing def stop()

capability “Dishwasher Operating State”
capability “Media Playback”
have stop commands but id start with the Window Shade or Door Control or Garage Door Control to see if one of those cabability has a stop/pause trait in google

you could try pause command as well as stop

you might have to go into the google smart app and untick save the retick save device authorisatoins to force a refresh into google for the device type and its traits

IIRC, These devices are viewed as a dimmer switch by the voice assistants, so you can’t stop the motion, but you may be able to say “set shutter to 50%” to have it open halfway.

You should also be able to set up a scene or routine in SmartThings and then have Google home activate that.

Well, a way to stop a moving shutter, is really useful.
I tried adding the line capability “Dishwasher Operating State”
then tried saying ‘hey google, stop the shutter’
or ‘hey google, pause the shutter’
But they both did not work.
I also tried issuing ‘Hey google set shutter to 30%’
But this did not work as well.

have a look at this particualty the devivce type

metadata {
definition (name: “Z-Wave Window Shade”, namespace: “smartthings”, author: “SmartThings”, ocfDeviceType: "oic.d.blind") {
capability “Window Shade”
capability “Battery”
capability “Refresh”
capability “Health Check”
capability “Actuator”
capability “Sensor”

    command "stop"

Thanks Mark,
After adding this ocf I can no longer use the on and off commands:
“Hey google turn the shutter on”

Open close?