[HOW TO] SmartThings Presence reporting using Tasker/SharpTools/AutoLocation

Pls can someone help! I’m half way through setting up and don’t have time to finish untill tomorrow, but I have a bubble that won’t go!! Result:Success!
What’s causing that? How can I get rid of it plaits so annoying!?!

It’s probably one of the tasks that is trying to set you away or home as those trigger the actual commands to set you away or home which show the toast messages by default.

From what I recall, these are triggered based on the YourName variable. If you want to just disable things until you finish, you flip the switch next to a Profile to disable it.

Just make sure to either tap the check mark in the top action bar to apply the profile changes or back out of Tasker completely to apply things.

Thanks ms for quick reply. It was Autolocation app so for now have deleted it and will sort it all out when I have time to set this all up again. Thanks again.

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WOW this looks like you really addressed the core issues and running locally on the android phone seems way better than going up ti iftt.
Is this still working as a bulletproof solution, its alot of work so I want to ask before I go down your detailed instructions.
ANy updates or updated instructions. ??
Thanks for the very detailed analysis of the problem and a complete solution design.

QUESTION :slightly_smiling_face::
WHy use all the geolocation and geo fencing, ? why not just check say every 15 minutes if your phone is ON your home network and if it is , say PRESENT, and if its not say AWAY.
Thats really all you need for the home to away transition. Is the geo fencing for the away to home arrival ?

The geo fencing is for quick changes to present/away. My siren would be blaring if I didn’t set my presence to Present right when I arrived in the driveway.

For me this has been a real good solution. I am on Android 8.0 though, I do not have experience with it on 8.1 or 9.

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Man… You really, really didn’t need to quote that whole post… :slight_smile:

With that said, the transition helps IMO, especially when combined with more sensors or presence indicators. Tracking the reboot / connected to WiFi also helps for those times when there are network hiccups or your phone reboots out of the blue.

My setup varies a lot, but I’ve had success with this using a virtual sensor, mobile presence and WebCore. That way I can safely ignore quick changes of a single sensor as hiccups when they go away, or safely assume that presence is correct when they both match.


Ditto. :blush::+1:

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This seems to work really well, when its done right by a novice such as myself lol

I have all the bits in place it seems at last, however i notice that tasker has 3 profiles running at the same time when I am home and connected to wifi. Near Home, Home Wifi Connected (which should be the only one running IIRC), and Home. Is this normal?

Presence detection is done HORRIBLY by smartthings and I just want to say how much i appreciate this working substitution, regardless of the trial and error!

I started using IFTTT to make sure my phone automatically to wifi when I get home if thats relevant in any way.

Any help is very much appreciated!


I’ve been running this setup for some time and it works great. When arriving home in the inner fence my garage door will open within a half a street block but when I leave my wifi to go somewhere it takes about 3 blocks before everything kicks in and closes my garage. Is there a way to narrow that down? If I narrow the fence down that would help my departure but hurt my arrival.

Can you just set it to close the garage door when you disconnect from wifi?

What I’m trying to do is have my phone disconnect from my wifi almost as soon as I pull out of my driveway, so that my taks will run. It works great upon arrival but it takes just a little longer when leaving.

Hi Thanks for the excellent instructions.

I have setup everything until here. However, i am stuck now.
Tasker does not provide a field for for tap the “~” operand, it says Equal to, etc.

Can anyone help, please?


!~ is equivalent to "Doesn't match"

Thanks very much for your help.

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Hi Thanks everone for your help.

I have created everything as explained and the the moment am home so haven"t been able to check the Away Profile.

At the moment Tasker shows 3 Profiles Active: Near Home, Home and Home Wifi Connected. Is it expected to behave like this?

I will check the Away profile tomorrow when i go out tomorrow.

Also at home it is showing me a annoying Toast message “Result : Success!”, is there anyway of removing this?

Please advise.


Yes that behavior is expected. Near Home and Home are both showing active because you are inside those geofenced areas. And WiFi connected is self explanatory.

I don’t believe there’s a way to get rid of the “Result: Success!” message, but you’re only noticing it because you’re in testing right now. Odds are good your phone will be in your pocket/cup holder/not in your hand when it displays the message. When I was using tasker for presence I would only notice it once or twice a month.

If it’s constantly showing the toast then it means a step was missed or misconfigured and one of the tasks is looping.

Thanks for your message.

I have double-checked everything but can’t find the fault-

Can you guide me some troubleshooting points or to break the script into sections for testing.

Please advise.

I’m having issues with this working sporadically. It seems to work a lot better when I’m arriving home than when I’m leaving. I’m curious if there’s a recommendation for the Tasker named tasks setting with collision handling and if this is part of the problem.

When I manually run the tasks they do work, so I’m assuming it’s got to be an issue with autolocation dying in the background?
I’m on Android 10.

Make sure they aren’t being hit by Battery Optimization in your settings.

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