[HOW TO] SmartThings Presence reporting using Tasker/SharpTools/AutoLocation


(Chris) #325

So I ditched ST after the last firmware update debacle. Switched to Hubitat and been using their Life 360 integration for presence, which has actually been pretty decent. Enabling driving mode in the app turns GPS on full time when it senses that you are driving, which gives accurate presence again. It’s a battery drain, but I’ve gotten in the habit of plugging my phone in while in the car so not a big deal. Plus now my wife and I don’t have to send updates or ETAs, or ask when we are going to be somewhere. We can just look at the map and see where the other person is. If some of you are looking for a solution still I’d think about giving this a shot. Or use Tasker to accomplish the same thing maybe.


Using Home Wifi Not Connected and Cell Near to turn on monitoring for 5 minutes, then setting the task to 'abort existing task, has worked flawlessly for me.

For reasons I haven’t figured out though, none of the Tasker stuff is working on my wife’s phone after we upgraded to the Pixel 3.


I figured this out. Even though they were ‘set’, I had to back into the Tasker tasks and reselect the AutoLocation boundaries.