How to: SmartThings_MyQ SmartApp using MyQ Sensors with IFTTT

From the github page
Notice: 2021-08-26 - This app is currently broken for everyone due to a MyQ API change. I am hoping to get a fix for it, but it is not a minor change and could take several days to get going.


thanks for your work on this …

Sorry for bugging about this. Does anyone know if the smartapp in ST is working again? I am getting a incorrect login error when i try to login to MyQ with the ST app. the connection is broken…am i missing something or is this an API fix that still needs to happen. Input is very much appreciated!

im not sure that the myQ token value needs to be? I am not a programmer… thanks

Did you happen to look at this?

He has released a new app and a way to generate the token needed by the new app.

Some people are still having issues after upgrading to the new version. I am lucky enough to have gotten it working again using the information I found there.

Edit: see post 2440 or 2441 someplace there he officially mentions he released the fix.

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