How to: SmartThings_MyQ SmartApp using MyQ Sensors with IFTTT

Hi, I followed all the steps. But I’m confused at Step 4. Im using iOS SmartThings App and there is no option for “Automations”, “SmartApps” and then “MyQ Lite”



You have to download and use the classic app. Once you are complete it will be functional in the current app as well.

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Can you please elaborate on how you do this? I’ve gotten the original post to work perfectly for three garage doors, but I haven’t been able to figure out how I can get Alexa to give me the status and/or open or close the garage doors on command. Is there anything else you have to do differently from the original post, other than creating the garage door as a door lock in MyQ Lite? I feel like I’m missing something. Thanks in advance.

This is what my garage door device looks like in the Alexa app:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Actually, not sure if something has changed in the code, but I figured it out and didn’t have to program them as locks after all. I left all of them the way they were originally set up (from the instructions at the top of this post) and then just added routines in Alexa to turn the garage door “off” whenever I say “close the garage door” and vice versa for open, and it works like a charm. I can also ask Alexa if the garage door is open/closed and she’ll tell me. It works for all three garage doors.

Great to hear that you figured it out. I like the idea of Alexa routines so that you can tailor the commands to natural language. I set mine as a lock so that I can apply a verbal passcode for unlocking/opening.

Great point! Might have to reconsider my method. :confused:

when i click device handler, it asks me to choose a protocol. I already have the myq stuff running from [brbeaird]. when i chose ‘other’, selected switch/contact sensor, i wasn’t able to create it.

this error message popped up
Org.springframework.dao.DuplicateKeyException: a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session: [physicalgraph.device.CapabilityDeviceType#physicalgraph.device.CapabilityDeviceType : (unsaved)]; nested exception is org.hibernate.NonUniqueObjectException: a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the session: [physicalgraph.device.CapabilityDeviceType#physicalgraph.device.CapabilityDeviceType : (unsaved

Good Day all,

Running into this error while attempting this,

startup failed:
script_dth_metadata_3f86324d_6ad0_4022_be1a_932566d1bdbc: 50: expecting ‘}’, found ‘’ @ line 50, column 98.
isplay: true, displayed: true)

any assistance would greatly be apprreciated.

I created the IFTTT rules and virtual devices for both the garage door and the light device (I have a separate MyQ device controlling outdoor lighting). The garage door opening/closing works (of course) and keeps in sync correctly. The light control worked too, after a few minutes of "internal server error"s from MyQ, but I don’t see a way to make use of the virtual contact/switch for the light.

Is there a simple way to do this with the existing code? Or should I create a “sensor” version of the MyQ Light Controller, and submit a PR in GitHub if I get it working?

I’m stuck on step 3.4.3, where I select Door Closed and IFTTT then populates the MyQ list with a list of my garage doors. The list is not populating. It stays stuck on “loaded”. I have tried in both Firefox and Edge. In another part of the IFTTT website, I can’t recall where, it said the MyQ end isn’t responding. Is anyone else having this issue?

Solved: I had to go to [](Chamberlin’s website) to authorize MyQ to communicate with IFTTT. Normally one just has to authorize one way, this required two way authentication from both a login with IFTTT to MyQ, and an authorization with Chamberlin to IFTTT. Once I did that the MyQ list populated in IFTTT.

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@brbeaird, it seems the login for your smartapp isnt working for me anymore.
When i enter the username and password it says incorrect. I double checked myq account and also the smartapp. I uninistalled and reinstalled with the latest code. Any idea? thanks so much!!

Same here :frowning:
Haven’t had a chance to debug yet, though I imagine they changed something with how access keys are generated.

Should be fixed now - just pushed an updated to the SmartApp.

Thanks so much. It’s working now. What did they change?

They changed something to make the login payload case sensitive, and Username and Password have to begin with capital letters.

I am trying to set this up and when creating a new device handler from template it makes me select a prorocol from a drop down.

Which one do I select?
Zigbee Home Automation HA or 3.0
Zigbee light link ZLL
Lan Other

I think you just do it from code, not from template. Been a while though…

@brbeaird and others. I seem to be having a heck of a time getting this to work in the NEW app. It sounds like I need to get this to work in the classic app first?

Is anyone willing to poke around in my IDE for a sanity check of what the heck I have done? Or…any words of wisdom here? I can’t seem to have any luck.

It should work in new or classic. What are you seeing so far? Any particular errors? Have you gotten to the SmartApp setup?