How to: SmartThings_MyQ SmartApp using MyQ Sensors with IFTTT

Can someone confirm that this closes as well as “Opens” the garage door? I think it only closes the door as IFTTT has only a close the garage door option. If its only close, then you can integrate IFTTT with myQ and have a contact sensor report the open and closed status (which is what i do now without the DH). Does this DH open the garage door as well?
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It will Open and Close the garage door with a status indicator of Open and Close. Works perfect if you setup everything correctly. IFTT has a trigger for open and close.

Thanks @Dawrench
I just realized something! Im a little slow. This whole setup was just for the open/closed status.
To open or close the door you only need @brbeaird smart app and device handler.
Since I have a sensor to tell me if the door is open i just use my physical sensor. As a consequence you dont even need IFTTT as you login with the smart app to your myQ account. @brbeaird has dones some truly awesome work!

I was able to get all of my garage doors added without a problem. Thanks for the clear instructions! For some reason now, though, my sensors are out of sequence. It shows my garage door as open when it is actually closed. Any ideas on why this may be happening?

I would double check your iftt rules you setup in step 3.4 and make sure they are correct. I believe it should be when (THIS) trigger for door is closed it is (THAT) switch to off and when the (THIS) trigger for Door is open the (That) is switching to on.

Would i be correct to assume that if i have 2 garage doors that i would need two handlers or at least 2 devices? If so, i created 1 and it works as intended but i repeated the steps for a 2nd one and for the life of me i cannot get it to show up as an option in IFTTT. Any tips on how to get the additional device to show up as an option in IFTTT?

Hi Hermy-

Yes, I think so being you have two separate garage door openers… Question when you repeated the entire process for the second garage door did you create a unique name for second garage door? For example when creating the device handler in the following step; 2.2.1: I Would make sure this name is unique “DO NOT PRESS - Simulated 2 Car Garage Door Switch and Sensor” and most important make sure the “Device Network ID*” is unique to this second garage door you are adding.

Hope this helps!


Yes i used unique names and device network ids for both

You see both doors in the MyQ app but not when you try to select the door in IFTT step 3.4.4?

I see both doors in MyQ. When i go to step 3.4.4 i do not see both of the switches. I uploaded screenshots to Imgur since i could only upload 1 image per post here.

Can you go back in IFTT and tell me what options are present under the device selection in I believe step 2 of 6. Please confirm if you see the second garage door when you are asked to select which device you want to monitor.

Oops, looks like i forgot to upload that image. Yes, i see both garage doors in that step

No worries, So now when you get to step 5 of 6 are you still only seeing the one virtual switch and what happens if you select it and move forward.

I can select the single switch without issue and it creates the applet.

I would try that and see if you end up with working status indicator for both doors.

Thats how i initially set it up before realizing that opening one door would then show that both were open, etc.

I would double check your virtual switch device handler steps by walking through each one that you setup in the first step for the small garage and then try republishing it. Then log back into IFTT and see if that makes a difference. Let me know if that works, I’m interested to hear what resolves your problem.

Thank you for this tutorial! This worked great for my LiftMaster 8500W that was just installed. Thank You!

Hi Suresh,

I just went through all of the steps above and got the open/close status working. Great instructions here. You mention another smart app and device handler which allows open/close control. Where is this one at?

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I think I got what needs to be done. I will try when I get some time and respond back.
I think I need to make a new device handler and device in ST. The device handler created in the steps above changes state based on the MyQ Open/Close status. This new one will toggle based on user input and then can be used to actually open/close the door by setting up a IFTTT applet.