How to slowly increase a set of lights from 0 to 100 over a set time interval and do the same in reverse?

I have 2 dimmers attached to my aquarium lights and wanted to know if there are any apps/routine i can use to start the lights from 1%-5%-20% etc all the way to 100% in 30 min and do the reverse at a set time until they turn off. I saw a “Gentle Wakeup” smart app but it lets the light go only to 99% and does not allow the light to be gradually turned down.

Check out webCoRE

Tried. Not smart enough to tell how to start the light from 1% to 100% or the reverse in core.

That’s easy! Post on the WebCORE forum and ask for assistance. The folks over there love helping users build their pistons. :slight_smile:

Use the Fade Level Command:

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That was quick and easy. I have created the piston. Is there anyway i can see if its working fine? Dont want to wait till tomorrow to know if its working

Create a Piston without an “If” statement only the Action.

Hit Test on the Dashboard