How to share shopping list from family hub?

Just got the Samsung fridge with Family Hub and managed to get shopping list to sync with my phone.
But it’s a family hub after all, and I would like my family to share the shopping list on their phones…
We all have Samsung phones, but it makes little sense if they need to login with my Samsung account details.

Hey there! @Peder_Eskildsen, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: I understand that you are wanting to share the shopping list with family members. At this time, you would need to be logged into the same Samsung account used in setup to access the benefits of the sync feature.

You can locate the article for setting up the Family hub here: How to set up the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator

I’ve included the information about the syncing process across devices using the same account below.

Note: Features which sync with other devices, like your mobile device or SmartThings devices, require signing in to the same Samsung Account on each device, including your Family Hub.

I hope this message finds you well!


Thanks, but that is extremely impractical, as my family members use each their Samsung account for their own settings, incl password management.

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