How to setup Samsung smartcam SNH-P6410BN

I am trying to get a snapshot / video streaming of this camera.

I have connected the camera successfully using the Samsung smartcam web site and can see the live streaming,
I have also managed to connect the camera to BlueIris software for recording motion,

However, I am trying to connect the camera to VeraEdge hub and the input should be the URL for snapshot.

I have tried this URL :

The first time a got a login page and entered the admin and the camera password and got 404 error page. the second same try was getting just the error page without login.

Can someone may give me guideline how to should I watch the camera using a browser ?



This is the forum for the SmartThings hub. You might try Vera’s forum for help connecting to their hub, and/or the Samsung SmartCam website.