How to setup routines when using Home Phrase Director

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I know that Routines need to align with Modes.

Since platform update my Hello Home phrases / routines have not worked without my manual intervention. I placed a ticket over a week ago and still don’t have this licked yet.

On to my question:

Previously, when sunset / sunrise worked with Home Phrase Director, I had qualifiers set within each Home Phrase / Routine…such as run automatically when I came home, or left, as well as “do not run automatically if I am in one if these modes” with the opposing routines set according to a post I read on here.

My question is are these qualifiers still needed within the routine itself? Isn’t that the logic that Home Phrase Director performs and then triggers the appropriate routine?

In a nutshell, if I have the 5 routines below, what qualifiers should be set within each routine…if any?

Home Day
Home Night
Away Day
Away Night
Go to Bed

Again, all was fine prior to platform update so that tells me that maybe my settings were not correct.