How to setup lockitron

how ot setup lockitron and smartthings?
but i get the error “an error has occured client auth failed due to unknown client, no client authentication included or unsupported authentication method.”

That code has not been updated in years. I have the same lock and have not gotten it working yet. The API is published if someone wants to give it a shot.

How to setup lockitron


  • First Download the app lockitron in your IOS or Android device.
  • Second step is create account and login
  • Third one is insert the includes batteries into the lockitron
  • Fourth is Follow the instructions in the Lockitron app to set up your Lockitron with your Wi-Fi.
  • Fifth is Loosen, don’t remove, the two screws on your deadbolt’s inner plate.
  • Sixth is Slide Lockitron’s C-plate behind the deadbolt’s plate.
  • Seven is Tighten the two screws on your deadbolt’s plate to hold it and the C-plate in place.
  • Eight is Place the main body of your Lockitron over the C-plate and line the notches up. Turn the main body clockwise until they lock, but be careful not to force it.
  • Nine one is Unlock your deadbolt and tell the Lockitron app on your smart device that it is unlocked.
  • Tenth is Slide the Lockitron rubber insert over the deadbolt’s knob and line it up with the inner notches of Lockitron’s main body.
  • The Last is Line the knob on the Lockitron faceplate with the deadbolt’s knob and snap it into place.

------------->its easy ways for setup lockitron