How to set up a Ring device in smartthings?

I have 4 ring cameras and a doorbell along with 3 chimes. I’m trying to add them to smarthings and am stuck.

I have no idea what any of the fields mean.

What is name?
What is lable?
What is zigbi id?
What is device network id? (I read somewhere that this will automatically set up once it discovers the quantum configuration of Schrodinger’s cat - yeah please don’t speak in acroymns or in geek speak.

I don’t understand any of these labels or fields or where they are, this is not as intuitive as one might think.

If someone could help without being Sheldon and try to explain the history of Physics I’d really appreciate it.

You shouldn’t have to use any of those fields unless you are creating custom code, which you are not. so that’s the good news. :sunglasses:

Now we have to look at exactly which models you are trying to add, because some ring devices work with smartthings and some do not.

We also need to know which version of the smartthings mobile app you are using

FAQ: how to tell which version of the SmartThings mobile app that you have


This support article covers both apps:


Thank you JD, but it was about as helpful as a bucket without a bottom. I figured it out. And yes I was NOT creating a custom code so yes that was not good news.

First of all if I didn’t need to do any of those thing then why didn’t smart things just add them? It didn’t so I guess it’s not so smart.

Here’s what I did. I went and found a device that smart things did automatically find and include and looked at what it had as those labels. I then just created the new device(s) using the same type of classification. Backyard camera etc. Then for the network ID I used the mac address and it took.

I thank you for your attempt to impress me with your links and all the how to that wasn’t helpful in the least. I’d have to ask if you might want to re-read your FAQ’s and have someone else re-write it in more layman’s terms.

I’m not tying to be difficult but I did say I didn’t want acronyms and geek speak, I would think you could have the least bit of out of robot human consideration and know that I didn’t need a link to a wordy poorly written FAQ.

Since you seem to want to be direct with folks that are extremely helpful to many people in this Community, I’ll cut to the chase - You did it wrong. You do not need to manually create a device.

Ring and SmartThings already have integration between the two, and the third post provides you a useful link for you to get started.

What JD was hoping to help you with was to determine which version of the SmartThings mobile app you are using because it is a different process for each.


I’m glad you got it working. :sunglasses:

As to the understandable confusion, I’m sorry, I should’ve mentioned that you only need to read the first part of the FAQ down to the graphic that shows the two different logos in order to tell which version of the app that you are using. My apologies. You are quite right that the rest of the FAQ didn’t apply to you.

I’ve updated the FAQ so that in the future people who are just trying to figure out which version of the mobile app they have will know that they can skip all the rest of the stuff on terminology. Thank you for pointing that out.


Frank, Frankly you’re an A$$! Get off this forum and stop berating people trying to help YOU! If you need help I suggest you call Ring or SmartThings customer support and tell them how they’re doing everything wrong.

It must be very difficult being so perfect all the time.

There is an official smartthings integration that works with some Ring models, but not all of them.

You have not yet told us what specific models you have, so we have not been able to help you.

But the short answer is that if you have one of the models which is officially supported, then you don’t have to use any of the fields that you mentioned in your first post. You will select the model, then sign into your Ring account, and that device will be automatically added to your smartthings account.

The exact steps are available in the article in the official supportbase. (The steps are the same whether it is a Ring camera or a Ring doorbell, but the integration only works for the models on the official compatibility list.)

(The steps are a little bit different depending on the version of the smartthings mobile app, but you have not yet told us which one you have.)

You can see the list of supported models on the official compatibility list. Note that it is only those specific models. For example, if it lists the hardwired version of a camera but not the battery version, then the battery version is not supported.

This forum is just a community of customers helping other customers.

If you would like to get more support or if you would like to ask why specific models are not included in the official integration, you’ll need to get in touch with either Ring support or SmartThings support.