How to (RPi + ST )?

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@kmugh: See the Raspberry Pi Device Type thread for a basic Raspberry Pi to ST connection example. The Refresh button initiates a command on the Pi. Using this a template I created a Raspberry Pi Garage Door controller that also controls the light and lock button, so 9 different tiles and actions. The only thing that I have not been able to do is Monitor actions from the Raspberry Pi like the door opening.

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Are you able to share your garage door template?

I have a pi that is set up with a relay that controls my garage door and light, currently accessed through page hosted in webiopi with 2 buttons linked to sequences.

I’m just getting into ST and integration the pi garage door with ST is high on my list.


I have the ST groovy code if that’s what you want. My RPi has died, so I don’t have access to the server type Python code, but it would have been hard to reuse as it a lot of capability - email Server, to control the GD, various levels of warnings when left open, light control, auto close, etc.

A link to the ST groovy code would be helpful, between that and the existing rPI python coder I might be able to figure things out to get it working.

right now the javascript for my button pushes is just the following:

`webiopi().ready(function() {

var content, button;
content = $("#content");

button = webiopi().createSequenceButton(“sos”, “DOOR”, 7, 1000, “01”);
content.append(button); // append button to content div

button = webiopi().createSequenceButton(“sos”, “LIGHT”, 8, 1000, “01”);


Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I am using a R-Pi with OSMC as a media client. I would like to make a watcher that would set an ST virtual device when the screen is dimmed.

Has anyone managed something like this? It seems to me that it would be possible with a simple script in the OSMC, possibly as a service. any ideas?