How to reset thermostat from another network?

Hi all, I have a Trane thermostat, model tzemt400ab32maa. It was removed from a Z-wave network without first being excluded. I’d like to use it, but trying to exclude it after it’s no longer connected does nothing. Restoring default settings doesn’t work either. I see no master reset button on it, do any of you know how to blow out the current Z-wave configuration? Thanks

In the ST app, did you do a General Exclude while going to the thermo’s zwave install menu and selecting Yes to exclude it?

Yep, tried that and it worked. Thanks, johnconstantelo.

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I have same issue but my unit will not disconnect from ZWave Network. Any Idea what else I can do to reset it?

A general exclude is the brute force method, and it will work. Start that first (make sure no other zwave device is used), and then go to the zwave install menu and selecting Yes to exclude it. If it’s not asking you to leave a zwave network, then it’s already excluded.


This topic is 4 years old but I have the same issue. The Exclude is not working. I even went into the installer mode and did a factory reset! I am still not able to remove the old z-wave network. Any ideas or directions?

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