How to request to add fingerprint to Stock Driver?

Is your device using a stock DTH or a custom DTH?
The last one is when you copied its code and saved it in the IDE.
I checked in the stock DTH called aeon-home-energy-meter and the fingerprint of the device isn’t there. In the picture you shared I can see “My Aeon Home Energy Monitor Gen2” as “Type” where the DTH’s name is.

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Hi, thanks for getting back to me, is this what you are after

@Controlbreak, following up on your situation, we need more info to generate a report so the team can analyze this case further, so, please help me with the following:

  1. Pair the device again. This is to generate the logs again because they’re not saved for long in the Hub.
    • Send the Hub’s logs from the IDE:
    1. In the IDE, enter “my hubs”
    2. Enter the corresponding Hub and go to “view utilities”
    3. Click on “send” below "send hub logs
      If you have more than one hub, please share its name.
  2. Send over DM the following:
    • Confirm the email you use here is the same you use in SmartThings
    • Device’s name
    • Allow access to your devices’ data for the engineering team:
      1.Go to the SmartThings Web (
      2. Log in to your Samsung Account
      3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
      4. Toggle on Account Data Access
      5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again.

ok, please, check if in the menu “My Device Handlers” appears an element in the list called “My Aeon Home Energy Monitor Gen2”:

Hey @nayelyz,
I will get this set up and sent later this evening.

Thank you for the continued support.

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So, this is a custom DTH, and it allows the connection of your device to SmartThings. This means:

  1. There’s no official DTH for that device (An official DTH exists for devices that were certified with SmartThings). If a fingerprint is not included in an official DTH, it won’t be added to an official driver. (Unless the manufacturer (Aeotec) certifies the device as Works With SmartThings)
  2. Therefore, you need to create your own driver or if someone has developed a similar one, you can ask them if they can add your device’s fingerprint:
mfr:0086 prod:0002 model:001C
  1. Another option is to download the official driver from this repo, add your fingerprint and install it manually. I can help you through this process but, it would be hard if the custom DTH has preferences and special functionality based on that.

The driver that could be compatible is “zwave-electric-meter”, you can see the fingerprints of the Aeotec Home Energy Meter Gen5 at the beginning of the fingerprints.yml file.

The DM has been sent.

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Thank you for the info. I already created the corresponding report. As soon as I get an update, I’ll let you know.

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Just to update i have got both these energy meters working now
Thanks for all your help on this.

How did you get it to pair using an edge driver instead of DTH? I have one of these older energy monitors (mfr:0086 prod:0002 model:0009) and it keeps pairing with the DTH.

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Mine is
mfr:0086 prod:0002 model:001C

Try this link and let us know if it works


Ps, make sure you have deleted any custom device handlers

I see the fingerprint of mine in the stock z-wave electric meter. I don’t have a custom DTH for it installed. Still it’s grabbing the stock “Aeon Home Energy Monitor” DTH.

Have you installed the beta driver? The production driver has fewer fingerprints in it. All of the Aeon fingerprints are commented out in the production driver, so it won’t match to those devices yet.

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Ah I missed that. Anyway, I’ll just wait for the transition for this one.